Volunteer Recognition Program

Each year Glen Eira Council honours the work of volunteers at a Volunteer Recognition Ceremony.  Council recognises that volunteers are an important part of the community and make a significant difference and invaluable contribution (estimated to be equivalent to $2m per year) to a wide variety of activities and organisations.  Without volunteers, many of these activities or organisations would not be available to the community.

Not for profit, community based organisations are invited to nominate volunteers to be recognised for their contribution of 500, 1,000 or 2,000 hours of service or for the special contribution category of 10 years or more of continuous voluntary service.

Nominations are to be submitted on the appropriate form for Council consideration.  Nominations close on Friday, 16th March, 2012.

Unfortunately Council’s website is confusing – search results under “Volunteers” yields a number of options, e.g,

  • “Recognise your volunteers” will access the 2011 volunteer program (information and forms)
  • “Volunteer Recognition Ceremony” will access the 2012 volunteer program (information and forms)

To avoid this confusion, and in support of this worthy program, click on this link –  Volunteer Recognition Ceremony – to access the 2012 program.

GERA wholeheartedly

  • supports the Volunteer Recognition Program and honouring volunteers
  • recognises the contribution volunteer services provide to the community
  • encourages residents to submit nominations in all categories

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