Date:            Sunday,  7th October, 2012

      Time:           3. 00 p.m. for 3.30 p.m. start

      Venue:         St. John’s Uniting Church, 567 Glen Huntly Road,  Elsternwick

       Admission Fee

            Members:                        No charge

            Non-Members:               Small Gold Coin Donation

The Glen Eira Residents Association (GERA) is holding a public forum to which all Council Election Candidates (both current incumbents and new candidates) and Residents are invited.

GERA’s intention is to provide an opportunity for all candidates to formally present their views and visions for Glen Eira followed by a question and answer session with residents.   An informal “meet and greet” session will follow.

To facilitate the forum, GERA has prepared and presented to the Candidates, the following questions:

  1. Why have you decided to stand for council?
  2. What specific skills, abilities and experience do you believe you can offer?
  3. In what areas do you think Glen Eira Council needs to improve and why?
  4. What specific commitments are you prepared to make to the residents of the municipality?
  5. How would you improve governance issues at Glen Eira?
  6. What is your position on the planning reform zones, structure planning and height limits?
  7. What do you see as the three major concerns facing Council and the municipality.  What will be your approach to addressing these issues?
  8. How would you approach the issue of increasing the amount of public open space in Glen Eira?
  9. If you have indicated whom you would preference, could you please explain why you chose those particular candidates?
  10. Are you affiliated with any political party or organisation and has that party or organisation contributed in any way to your election campaign?
  11. Councillors often promise the world, but deliver very little.  How do you intend to adhere to you election promises?

GERA welcomes residents presenting their own questions to the Candidates.


Authorised by M. Healy, 100 Eskdale Road, Caulfield North, Vic. 3161


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