FROGMORE – D-Day Countdown

Update – 1/7/2015 – Buildings included in yesterday’s first photo now rubble.




It appears the Victorian Department of Planning is “caught up in red tape” and even though aware that demolition is imminent, has yet to review Glen Eira Council’s highly questionable decision to abandon heritage protection for Frogmore House.

 Frogmore Demolition Works – 30/6/2015

 Demolition works are currently concentrated on the 1960’s – 1990’s Aged Care Extensions which were superficially connected to Frogmore and were not to be included in the Heritage Overlay. (Frogmore’s iconic tower is visible in the background)



 Surrounding residents’ report that Frogmore House currently remains externally intact, however, internally doors, stairs and various other fittings have been removed.  Their “D-day” estimate, based on progress to date, is that Frogmore may well be “gone” by the end of the week (at the latest early next week).

 Apparently, the slow pace of the Department of Planning is attributable to a need for a specific rationale for a State Government Department to get involved in a decision that has already been made by another level of government.

Of course GERA believes that Glen Eira’s decision to abandon the heritage protection doesn’t stand up to planning scrutiny. The arguments presented on this site have also been presented to the Minister (14/6), together with relevant documentation (ie. January, 2015 Council commissioned Heritage Advisor’s Report and Recommendation, Council’s 3/2/2015 rationale to protect and 9/6/2015 rationale not to protect) and approximately 350 signed form letters from the community. We are also aware of that a large number of our readers (both within the Glen Eira community and the broader community) have also contacted the Department of Planning in support of heritage protection for Frogmore.

Given the recently announced State Heritage Review, residents are now wondering why the Department is not making the review of Frogmore a priority.   After all in January, 2015 Frogmore was unequivocally recommended for Heritage Protection at the Local Level (historic significance, architectural merit, rarity and associations), yet in making it’s 9/6/2015 abandon decision Council ignored that expert report and reverted to Council’s 2003 dubious decision not to apply heritage protection as Frogmore was not located within an identified heritage area.  Frogmore hasn’t moved but heritage standards and social attitudes have.

We know it’s a repetitive ask but clearly the above photo’s show that this really is your last chance to save Frogmore.   Please contact the Planning Minister to lobby for urgent action.

 Contact details


Telephone:         (03) 8392 6175

Mail:                      Level 20, 1 Spring Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000



To assist you, please feel free to cut and paste the following guideline

Hon. Richard Wynne, Minister for Planning

Request to review Glen Eira City Council Planning Scheme Amendments 136 (interim Protection) and C137 (Local Heritage Overlay) for 1 Wahgoo Road, Carnegie (a.k.a. Frogmore)

I request that you urgently act to re-instate interim protection for Frogmore while Department of Planning reviews the strategic justifications presented by Glen Eira City Council in support of it’s 9/6/2015 resolution to abandon heritage protection for 1 Wahgoo Road, Carnegie (a.k.a. Frogmore).

Glen Eira Council has not addressed key planning issues and disregarded accredited heritage advice. The end result being a resolution to withdraw/abandon planning scheme amendments C136 (interim protection) and C137 (heritage protection) that

  • denies all stakeholders access to the appropriate due planning scheme amendment process,
  • lacks adequate strategic justification, and
  • is inconsistent with the Glen Eira Planning Scheme and the 1987 Planning and Environment Act objectives of planning for Victoria

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