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We had hoped that the opening of registration for the “Meet the Candidates” on-line community forums (co-hosted by GERA and SGE) would also include copies of the Candidates Statements (election platforms), however, not to be.

Given residents interest in the forums, for which we thank you, below are the Forum Registration links.

Copies of the candidates statements will presented in a separate post as soon as they become available.

Registration is required to attend each forum.  Forum details for each Forum and registration link are provided below:

After registration, you will receive an email confirming your unique logon details.

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Authorized by:  B. Hatfield, 21/41 Chapel Street, St. Kilda, Vic. 3182


Below is the Victorian Electoral Commission’s (VEC) official listing of Declared Council Candidates for the 2020 Council Elections.  Each Ward’s Candidates Listing is as it will appear on voting papers based on the ballot draw (ïe  lottery)

Click to enlarge

Later tomorrow (Wednesday, 23/9),  the VEC will publish the Election Statements (election platforms) submitted by each Candidate.  These statements will also be included in the posted Ballot Packs that should be received by each resident listed on the Electoral Roll in coming weeks.

Shortly after tomorrow’s VEC publication, the GERA website

Covid-19 electioneering restrictions mean that you will soon be inundated with flyers and it will be up to you to contact (telephone, email, websites and social media) each candidate to learn their views on issues that matter to you.

The community forums present an opportunity for you to get

  • a detailed and balanced view of the candidates and their positions,
  • while also hearing about the concerns and views of your fellow residents

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Authorized by B. Hatfield – 21/41 Chapel Street, St. Kilda 3182


In line with past election practices, the Glen Eira Residents’ Association (GERA), will again be hosting Council Election Candidates Forums for each ward in Glen Eira.  This time around the forums will be co-hosted with the Save Glen Eira (SGE) residents group and, due to COVID-19 restrictions, will be on-line.

Details of the Forums are

Both GERA & SGE believe, the forums are a unique opportunity for

  • candidates (current incumbents and new candidates) to
    • present their policies to a broad cross section of their ward’s community, and
    • respond to questions from multiple residents in a Q&A session
  • residents to
    • listen to and question multiple candidates at one time, and
    • gain an understanding of other residents “take” on the issues

The issues confronting Glen Eira are substantial – you owe it yourselves to become aware of the issues and to cast an informed vote.  



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7.30 PM – 9.30 PM (approx.)

Tonight’s meeting is the last meeting before Council goes into the pre-election Caretaker Period* and it’s a blockbuster.


The Meeting presents a great opportunity for you to assess Councillor performance – to be considered which deciding your vote in the upcoming (24/10/2020) Council Elections.  Given the challenges facing Council in the post COVID-19 world and Council’s consistent poor ranking in the 2020 State Government’s Community Satisfaction Survey

we can’t emphasize enough how seriously residents should consider what they want for Glen Eira and which candidate is the best to represent them in the 2020-2024 Elections.

The 1/9/2020 Council Meeting Agenda can be viewed or downloaded from Council’s website .

In our view the “meat” of meeting occurs in two stages

  • Public Participation Session – which usually occurs prior to Agenda Item 8 (even though it is listed as Agenda Item 10.5). This session  gives residents the opportunity to submit written questions, and receive a response, from Council and Councillors on their decision making and activities.
  • Agenda Item 8 – Officers Reports – prepared by Council Officers, which provide details of, and recommendations on, the issues presented to Council.

The issues up for discussion tonight are:

Residents views on the issues can be found on various websites and social media sites.

To LIVESTEAM tonight’s (1/9/2020 @ 7.30pm) meeting

To obtain election details click on the below links



Caretaker Mode and Period

In the lead up to elections, unlike Federal and State Parliaments, to enable Council activities to continue, the Local Government Act imposes regulations on Council’s decision making process and activities.  These are intended to ensure that Council actions do not interfere with the probity of the election process and to safe guard the authority of the incoming Council.

    • Councils are prohibited from making certain types of decisions that relate to financial commitments, CEO appointment or decisions that would unreasonably bind the future Council.
    • Council must not produce or publish any material that could affect voting at the election.

The caretaker period commences on that same date and time that Councillor Candidates formally declare their candidacy (Noon on 22/9/2020) and ends  on election day (6.00 pm on 24/10/2020)


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Caulfield South, Bentleigh & Carnegie – need your help

GERA has received the below, self-explanatory email from the SAVE GLEN EIRA residents group. GERA works closely with SGE and supports their request for residents to show their support for these areas currently experiencing a “development siege”.

What happens in these locations will inevitably flow on to all other suburbs of the municipality if residents don’t act now.

Drafted responses to Council (together with Council contact details) are included in the below – so asking for a show of support is not a big ask.


Dear All, 

Whilst we’re in a prolonged lock down, much is happening around Glen Eira. There are many decisions that Council will be voting on in the next few weeks. Whilst certain suburbs are impacted greatly, residents from across Glen Eira have the opportunity to give their support. Our councillors’ preparedness  to listen to residents is highly correlated with the number of letters received.

 We would appreciate your input.

 Caulfield South. Action needed this week

 Caulfield South is a Neighbourhood Activity Centre which, in the Glen Eira City Plan (2020) has designated height limits of 5 storeys for buildings in commercial zones. This document is not a planning document, and VCAT will view highly the fact that there are no height limits for proposed buildings in commercial zones of Neighbourhood Centres

 There are 5 hearings scheduled at VCAT:  

Glen Eira Council has not provided external legal representation for any of these hearings. The residents have been left to fight the developers’ proposals on their own.  

If these proposals proceed, the impact on this Neighbour Centre will be dramatic and disastrous. Caulfield South is not a Major Activity Centre. 

 Attached is a proforma letter written by CS-RAID (Caulfield South Residents Against Inappropriate Development), requesting Glen Eira Councillors to review their stance on these hearings and provide legal assistance for the residents.

 Draft Amendment C184: Carnegie & Bentleigh. Action needed this week 

This amendment proposes changes to the Glen Eira Planning Scheme for Carnegie & Bentleigh. 

There is massive change for the residents in these suburbs. And without proper consultation and the difficulty in accessing meaning in the bundle of documents connected with this amendment: the rezoning of areas, the introduction of new zones, the discretionary height limits, the lack of new open space and the loss of public land: it is not surprising that many are left confused and frightened. 

The Amendment C184 brings considerable change for the residents. The residents do not feel as though they have been able to put their views to Council, nor to have an input into how their neighbourhood will develop.

Imagine a resident currently living in NRZ1 (2 storeys) who now finds that they will be living in GRZ5 (3 storeys) when the Amendment C184 is passed.

 Attached is a proforma letter that you may wish to send to Councillors and the CEO in support of the residents of Carnegie and Bentleigh.  

Closing date of submission is this Friday August 27 2020. Submission is online: ; or direct to Glen Eira Council attention City Futures,

This is the time for Glen Eira residents to help each other. Please find some time to send off a letter or two to Council. 




The Amendment C184 letter included above is a overall letter – a more detailed response specific to Bentleigh and Carnegie is available on the SGE’s website.


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As a result of the currently decreasing COVID-19 infections, the State Government (State Medical Officer and Minister for Local Government) has given the go-ahead for Victoria’s Local Council Elections to proceed as planned – via postal voting with a closing date of 24th October, 2020. 

The official campaign being from 22nd September (candidate nomination date) to 24th October (election day). 



  • Planning and Council’s role in Planning will yet again be a highly contentious election issue in October and
  • COVID-19 restrictions* will dramatically change the usual electioneering practices – instead of the candidates coming the electorate, the electorate will need to seek the candidates in the virtual world (social media and on-line community forums) to ensure making an informed vote.

the forum presents a rare opportunity for residents to “ASK THEM ANYTHING” about Planning and Council’s view of it’s role in Victoria’s Planning Processes – a good start when later deciding who to vote for in the Council Elections.

 The on-line forum format includes

  • a short overview of Council’s role in planning
  • a short discussion on key themes from what audience members are interested in hearing more about (presumably based on questions lodged during registration)
  • live questions from the audience

To attend the Zoom Forum you must register – FORUM REGISTRATION

GERA again encourages all residents to register for tomorrow’s (Thursday 20/8/2020) ON-LINE PLANNING FORUM.



State Government Council Electioneering Guideline during COVID-19 restrictions

Stage 4 Restrictions (currently to mid-September) – candidates in metropolitan Melbourne would effectively be banned from campaigning outside their homes, including doorknocking, leafleting, attending campaign events and advertising on billboards and posters, for as long as stage four restrictions remain.

Stage 3 Restrictions (if stage four restrictions are lifted mid-September) – prevent candidates convening or attending meetings in open spaces or private residences, door-knocking and attending community events. However, they would be allowed to drop election material into people’s letterboxes, hand out leaflets and advertise on posters and billboards


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