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GERA has been contacted by a resident researching and writing the early history of the Ormond Cricket Club which plays at EE Gunn Reserve in Malane St, Ormond.  FYI – the Club’s longest serving president is Ernie Gunn, a two term  Mayor of Caulfield, whose public service is honoured in the Reserve’s name.

The club’s history has been traced from it’s origins in 1903 until 1947, when the club entered the VSDCA competition, which the Club has participated in for the past 66 years.  One of the issues the resident is facing is the paucity of photographs for this particular period.   Contact with local historical societies, while helpful with general written information, hasn’t yielded pictures.

While finding pictures or info on teams and/or players would be a huge bonus the researcher/historian is not anticipating being that lucky.  Instead he is widening his search for some early photos of the general Ormond area.

If any of our readers/residents have any photos or info that could assist him, could you let us know ( so that we can pass on the details.


We thought it appropriate to interrupt our series of postings on the recently implemented planning zones with a short story which “tickles our fancy”

Bandstand Graphic Trimmed

The Friends of Caulfield Park (FoCP)  are a small dedicated group of volunteers whose goal is to preserve and  promote the Park and it’s features.   As part of their promotional efforts, FoCP are holding a series (7 in total) of free summer concerts in the little used, historic Bandstand – opened in 1921 by then Prime Minister, Billy Hughes.  The concert performers are local artists and free art and craft activities are provided for children.

As the costs of holding and promoting the concerts (which hopefully will become an annual event) are considerable FoCP applied for a Community Grant from Council to supplement their own funding (from members and local sponsorships).  Although not without some “hassles”, Council awarded FoCP a grant covering approximately a third of the concert series cost – good job Council.

Just prior to the second concert in the current series, Glen Eira’s Director of Community Services advised FoCP that they

 “may not put up posters advertising this public concert around the park as it breaks Council by-laws”.  If the posters were put up “they would be taken down immediately” and FoCP “could incur a penalty”.   – not a good job Council

In true indomitable Aussie style,  FoCP members are now strategically parking their cars, complete with posters in the windows, around the park – good job FoCP

Needless to say GERA

  • Supports FoCP in it’s endeavours and encourages our members and readers to attend the concerts – the next concert is 1st December.  Concert dates and details
  • Is having considerable difficulty reconciling the Director of Community Services’s above decision with
    • Council’s Mission Statement of actively fostering a sense of community, and
    • The Community Grant purpose of assisting not-for-profit, community based organisations to implement projects and activities which meet identified community priorities and benefit Glen Eira ratepayers, and
    • Council’s frequent claim of having “reasonable laws, reasonably enforced”