While GERA is primarily focused on Glen Eira wide issues or major issues within specific areas of Glen Eira, we also willingly provide advice to residents wishing to object to individual Applications for Planning Permits.

Increasingly, concerned residents are contracting us for assistance in preparing objections for planning permit applications.  In response, Glen Eira Residents Association (GERA) has prepared the below guidelines* to assist residents.

Both Guidelines are primarily for multi unit high rise developments, however, many of issues covered will be equally applicable to townhouse developments which will increase the number of dwellings on a lot.

Planning Zones – implemented on 23rd August, 2013.

This guide*, which is currently being developed, will focus on the developments within the Planning Zones (i.e. Residential – RGZ1, GRZ 1, 2 & 3) and NRZ1, Multi Use Zone – MUZ1 and the Commercial Zones – CZ1 and CZ2).  These zones are applicable to planning permit applications lodged post 23/8/2013.

The guide* is being prepared and will be posted as soon as it is completed.

Housing Diversity and Minimal Change Policy – 2002 -23/8/2013

This guide* focuses on planning permit applications lodged prior to 23/8/2013.

GERA Planning Permit Ojection Guideline

* Please note, GERA does not profess to be town/urban planners, we are concerned residents with many years of experience dealing with Council and the Planning Scheme – the information contained in this Guide is for information purposes only and readers are responsible for making their own assessment of the information provided.  While GERA has made every reasonable attempt to ensure that the information provided in the guideline is accurate we urge you to verify all relevant statements and information.  While GERA may be able to clarify any general planning questions you have, if you have more technical question or doubts please seek independent, professional advice.