Welcome to the Glen Eira Residents’ Association Inc Homepage.

Glen Eira Residents’ Association Inc (GERA) was established in 1995, as a non-profit, membership based organiztion, to give a voice to all Glen Eira residents and the community in general. GERA is not affiliated with any political party.  GERA is a member of Save Our Suburbs, and the Protectors of Public Lands.

The Glen Eira Residents Association (GERA ) aims to provide an independent and objective assessment of Council’s (Councillors and Administrative Officers) performance and decision making processes.

Local Government, unlike the other two tiers of Government (Federal and State), does not have the checks and balances provided by a sitting opposition or media coverage. The presumption being that Local Government is the level of government that is closest and most responsive to the community it serves.

However, unless residents take an active interest in Local Government that presumption becomes invalid and studies show that Local Government will become unresponsive and focused on self preservation rather than representation and/or advocacy.

By providing an independent and objective assessment of Council’s performance and decision making processes, GERA’s aims to encourage resident participation in the consultation and decision making processes of the City of Glen Eira.  GERA follows the maxim of “it is always better and easier to have input into decision making processes than it is to try to reverse decisions already made”.

We are currently focusing on the four major issues which have consistently been identified in the annual State Government “Community Satisfaction Survey” –

  • Planning
  • Traffic and Parking
  • Community Engagement/Consultation
  • Open Space

Since 2003 the results from these surveys have continued to decline as residents realize what is happening to their streets, their neighbourhoods, their shopping centres, and their lack of influence in council decision-making.

In 2016, under the above categories, Glen Eira’s survey results are “significantly lower than the State wide average”.

GERA will be publishing information on each of these areas  – we will analyze the current situation, the problems and offer some potential remedies. We intend that these 4 vital issues become the focal point leading up to the next election.

You are welcome to submit letters and articles that relate to issues of local governance or are of interest to the residents of the City of  Glen Eira. Please take care that anything you submit is not defamatory or in poor taste. Decisions about what is published on this website are made by the editors in consultation with the committee of management. Please supply your name and contact details with any material you submit.  These are for contact purposes only, they will not be published unless you specifically request it.

Email it to: geresidents@hotmail.com